How To Get Free Sex In Las Vegas!!

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Well let me start this off by telling you a little bit about myself and what inspired me to write this blog and put this website up!! First of all my name is Keith and I have lived in Las Vegas for the past 23 years and I must say that I truly love this city! I was fairly young when i arrived here and my first 10 years in Vegas I partied every single night!! No Joke!! And i had a ball!! LOL It has charged a lot over the years but i still love it because it has truly been good to me!! I want to let you know that everything i say and talk about is 100% true and I have done what i say i have done as far as meeting females and getting more free sex then I can count!! Now i could try to put a number on it but if i did i would be lying because it has been so many times that i honesty cant give a number!! But i know it is alot! And i have had sex with every nationally region of females that i can think of! And let me say that it is truly a fact that money and females are the two main reasons that i love this city so much! Oh and the 24 hour partying!;-)~

Now with that said let me tell you what inspired me to do this and help you guys when you come to Vegas to have fun and to get sex like everyone who comes here does!! Yes Vegas is Americas adult play ground and if you have been here before you know that their is a lot playing that goes on here!! Lots of drinking, gambling, partying and best of all lots of SEX!! But the Sad thing is that alot of guys come here, pay between $200 to $5000 for an hour or two for sex when they don’t have too! Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on gambling, Food, DRINKING, Vegas shows, longer hotel stays (if your not being comp), Shopping (yes shopping guys like to shop here too) and doing alot more with it then wasting it in a hour on some chick that you don’t know how many guys she have been with?? Some female prostitute that will maybe rob you or give you some STD to take back home with you??  I mean why do it when you can get all the FREE SEX you want from any nationally of female you desire?? Why?? Even if you have it to spend why just throw it away when you don’t have too?? You are going to need that extra money you have thrown away someday! Or you might get robbed of it or have to use it to get out of jail!!

What Inspired me to write this?

Ok well the other day i was on Craigslist and i was looking at the personals, after putting an ad in for something i was selling and this one ad caught my attention and i clicked on it. (Yes of course this is before they shut the personals down on CL!) Now from time to time i do go on CL to post things but i will say that i know that I haven’t been on their in a while because i seen something that i haven’t seen before!! Now let me just first say that i don’t think i am better then anyone!! Its true!! I am not some handsome pretty boy who gets all the females!! I never really thought i was a good looking guy, but i have always been kind of fearless especially when i get some alcohol in my system, more on that later. And I don’t put anyone down but one thing i do, do and that is state the facts!! I like being honest and truthful even thou i know that dont work with most females, because i know that most guys lie to females because they have too not because they want too, but thats a whole other story! But anyway what I saw literally stun me!! No seriously it did!

Ok first of all i know I am a guy and have been this way all my life!! And being a guy I know that most guys are physical beings, meaning that most guys are more concerned about a females body more then anything!! Ya a pretty face is ok but a banging body is what its all about with most guys!! And this is why they have those females with nice body in the strip clubs!! I have never seen a strip club where they have big fat females dancing and guys are throwing money at them!! Have you?? I been in Las Vegas for 23 years and I have yet to see one here! Anyway I click this ad on and to my surprise their was this big female that had to be 300lbs selling sex!! Yes selling sex! And from the way the ad look she was selling alot of it and im sure if she wasn’t getting paid she wouldn’t have the ad up!! And most of the ads on CL are catered to Out Of State guys!!

Anyway i truly couldn’t believe my eyes because i mean not only was she big she was unattractive!! Now being a man im saying to myself are guys that hard up that they will sleep with something like that and actually pay for it and my answer came back well i guess they will!! But why?? Especially in Las Vegas when they can get all the free sex that they want?? Yes all the free sex that you want!! I have been doing it for years and I’m not cute, rich or have some special thing going on that allows me to have sex with 100’s of females but i have!! And thats because i do have a couple of things going on that 99% of all guys have but don’t use that women love and that i will explain to you later. But back to the story!

Ok so upon clicking on this ad and not believing what i was seeing or reading i started to click on other ads to see what the rest of the females looked like and to be honest i was blown away!! Now a few years ago CL was the place where big and none attractive females went to get laid for free and they were glad that CL was created because it help big females who normally didn’t get a lot of sex from guys because of their weight and/or looks could get more sex! But things have changed, and boy have they changed for the worst in my opinion! Now these big women who really don’t care how they look and what you think about them are now getting paid from guys to sleep with them!! I mean seriously guys?? Are you really that damn hard up?? Come on?? You are really making us guys look bad!! Ya i know you don’t care but what about the guy code?? You have to at least give a dame a little for that don’t you?? Smh

I had a guy friend tell me that guys will screw anything with a hole in it and im truly starting to believe what he said!! Anyway as i am clicking on these ads i am seeing more big women in all races who are getting paid for sex who have their pictures up of them that are 200 -300 lbs or more and they have them up like they are proud to show off their fatness!! Like they are saying you want me and you will pay for all this fat!! And I’m saying really?? Ok by now i am beside myself and is thinking, again first of all why would a guy pay for something like this and second of all why would you pay for something like this in Las Vegas?? Vegas has more free sex and women that want sex more in it then any one man can handle!! SO WHY ARE YOU PAYING FOR IT?? DUMMIES?? Ok that kind of got away from me! lol

You can have sex with all the prettiest, sexiest, beautiful nice bodied females you want!! And even if you want ugly fat females you don’t have to pay for them in Las Vegas!!  And you can pick and choose females from all over the world that you never thought you can have in Las Vegas and you can do it ALL FOR FREE!! Yes I have had sex with females all over the world!! I don’t think their is a female from any country that i haven’t slept with since living here in Las Vegas!!! SERIOUSLY!! I have had sex with females who couldn’t hardly speak any english!! But one language should could speak and that was the sex language and she didn’t need to talk to express that! Her eyes and her body language let me know exactly what she wanted and you better believe i gave it to her!! lol

So what i did is ran an ad in CL and said why are guys paying for sex in Las Vegas when they can get it for free? And i actually told guys how to do it and i received such a good response from it I took it down and said to myself, why am i giving this information out for free? And yep if you want to know you will have to pay a small fee for it!! Yep like everything else!! Now if you have a problem with that then click off now and when you come to Vegas you will be like a lot of the guys who come here that spend their money on hookers and get robbed by them, beat up by their pimps get all their money taken from them!! And go home broke lying about what you did while you were in Las Vegas!! Oh thats happens so many times you cant count them!! Ya and what are you going to do if it does happen to you, call the police?? Ya right!!

And not to mention the diseases that you may caught!! I dont know about you but i would rather take a chance on a female that i don’t know that may have a STD then to have sex with a female prostitute that I know that have a very good chance of having a STD simply because of all the men that have been in and out of her!! Even if you wear a rubber thats scary!! Ya and don’t give me that well those girls get checked crap because how in the world could any female prostitute she is STD free with sleeping with multiple guys on a daily bases?? You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure that one out!! Smh

How to Get Free Sex In Las Vegas?

Ok with that said i am going tell you that I have a couple of pages of material that will show you how to get more sex for free in Vegas then you can handle!! Yes and its very simple to do but alot of guys don’t know how or just don’t think it would work for them so they would rather waste their money buying it and take a chance on carrying home a STD then to do something so simple!! Why when they can get SEX for FREE? Or some guys would rather take a chance of getting robbed by some hooker and her pimp that has set him up to rob him and his friends blind!! Its happens all day everyday in Las Vegas!! People get robbed and taken here so much you wouldn’t believe!! But its never talked about, meanly because of embarrassment!!

And what are you going to do, call the police and tell them you got robbed from some prostitute you were trying to buy sex from?? Ya and if you do, you are going straight to jail!! Because PROSTITUTION IS (ILLEGAL) IN LAS VEGAS!! YES IT IS!! Let me say it again!! Prostitution is ILLEGAL in Las Vegas Nevada!! That means if you get caught, you are going straight to jail and you don’t get a get out of jail free card!! You have to pay to get out of jail!! I hear of people who come here for vacation and spend their whole vacation in a Las Vegas Jail! And some don’t even have enough money to bail themselves out and end up having to call someone from their hometown to send money to bail them out!! Now how embarrassing is that?? Smh

So here is the caught, I will show you how to get all the free sex you want in Las Vegas and i will give you a 48 hour guarantee to do it!! And if you do everything i tell you and if it dont work i will get you your $2.99 back!! Yes $2.99 is all im going to charge you to show you have to save yourself $200-$5000 or more for sex from a hooker and keep you from getting robbed, an STD and possibly going to jail!!  Now i am a guy and i know how guys are and they lie!! Yes women make us lie so i understand but you will not be getting your money back if you think you are going to not do what i suggest you do to get laid and it doesn’t happen because you got too intoxicated or something else happens and you get back to your home town and say i want my money back knowing that you have really put the plan into action!!

Its not going to happen!! So don’t think you are going to get something for nothing because your not!! One thing i know about guys, is they would try to do everything then can not to pay for something!! I know because i do it!! lol So be real, don’t try to cheat me or think im some kind of sucker because im not!! And let me say for the record i don’t care what anyone thinks about my writing or my grammar while writing this!! If you have problem with the way i am talking or what i am saying then move on!! So if you come here and get robbed or put in jail like alot of guys do for trying to solicit hookers, its not my fault because i tried to tell you and i also tried to help you!! But whatever you may think about my grammar should also go to show you that if i can do it anybody can do it!! lol I know how to get all the free sex i want so i don’t need anyone to help me!! I have done it hundreds of times!! Yes hundreds!! I’ve been here 23 years remember??:-)~ And I have the pictures and videos to prove it!! I can do it in my sleep!!  And I truly think I’m going to start rising the price of this because i truly believe i am selling myself short with this $2.99 price tag! The lucky vegas numbers!

So if your interested Click Here or the button below and learn how to get all THE FREE SEX YOU WANT WHILE VISITING………………………………………………..WONDERFUL LAS VEGAS!! Have Fun!!:-)


If you order now, I will also give you the 5 simple things that I used to get sex in Vegas that worked for me every single time I did them!!  Order Now!!


How to get Free Sex in Vegas/ The best $2.99 you will ever pay in Vegas without getting Robbed Or Arrested!!


Ps. If you use a charge card it will say (Free in Vegas) (Or MDLL LLC) or both for your safety! You fill in the blanks if needed!;-) 

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